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Don’t give her money, get her psychiatric help – Retired women footballers tell Mahama over Memunatu Sulemana

A group known as Women’s Soccer Africa has appealed to former Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama to provide psychiatric help for former Black Queens goalkeeper, Memunatu Sulemana.

The group’s statement follows John Mahama’s recent efforts to support Sulemana, who was facing challenging circumstances.

Memunatu Sulemana was part of the same Ghana squad as some members of the Women’s Soccer Africa members during the 2003 World Cup in the United States. However, the group highlights that Sulemana struggled to manage her resources effectively, leading to her current situation.

In their statement to Angel TV, Women’s Soccer Africa disclosed that despite receiving contributions from various former players during her difficult times, Sulemana didn’t utilize the assistance well.

The group believes that Sulemana requires psychiatric help to address her challenges and prevent her from falling back into a state of poverty.

The group emphasized that the ex-president and well-meaning individuals in Ghana should help Memunatu Sulemana under go mental health treatment.

“She was in the US at the end of the 2003 World Cup just like some of us. Ask her how many times her mom died and how many times her grandmother died? She made money through her funerals. She … from her teammates and for all you know outside women’s football circles. Advise the president and all well meaning people of Ghana because what she needs is psychiatric treatment,” the statement from the group read.

The call from the group comes after the former president, John Mahama came to the aid of the ex-Black Queens goalkeeper.

After learning about Sulemana’s unfortunate poverty stricken conditions, the ex-president took action to improve her situation.

He secured a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment for Sulemana and announced plans for a cash donation to support her on her journey towards success.



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