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A Plus gifts Ola Michael new footwear on United Showbiz after week of trolls

Kwame A Plus handed a pair of sneakers to radio presenter Ola Michael live on United Showbiz show on UTV on Saturday, August 19.

The donation comes after a week where Ola endured massive trolls over his choice of footwear on the same show a week ago, which footwear was mocked by among others, dancehall artiste Shatta Wale.

“SM fans have decided to give ‘shoelin’… a pair of shoes valued at US$3,000 dollars,” A Plus said as he handed over the pair.

Ola arrived on set in suit and wearing a pair of shoes which he later profiled as well as thanked the donor and others who had approached him to donate pairs.

On his show “The Real News” on August 18, 2023, Kwame Boadi, alias Akrobeto also mocked Ola saying he had disgraced all UTV viewers.

“So, Ola, you thought we would praise you for wearing this shoe or what? You are a presenter, and people know you. So, what at all made you wear it?

“Is this a shoe or canvas? You can see this one is a canvas shoe. So, if Shatta Wale says something about your shoe, he deserves to say it, Ola. Even for me, I have to compose a song for your shoe. Shoe kakoma…” Akrobeto said in jest.

He added “Ola, wherever you are, I greet you, but next time, no matter the haste… Even if you could have walked here barefooted, we might have thought it was for exercise purposes. But having this shoe in your room or house, Ola, no, you can’t wear this shoe. You are disgracing the whole UTV viewers.”



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