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Accra to London by road: I wasn’t informed – CEO of Kantanka Automobile speaks

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kantanka Automobile, Nana Kojo Safo Jnr, has disclosed that he had no information about the recent road trip embarked upon by a group of Ghanaians from Accra to London.

The journey, spanning 16 days, garnered attention nationwide, as the adventurers successfully completed the expedition over the weekend.

During the journey, it was revealed that the team had sought to establish a partnership with Kantanka Automobile to promote locally manufactured vehicles, however, their efforts were met with silence from the company’s management.

Kwabena Peprah, the team leader of the group, shared insights into their attempt to involve local brands in their journey in an interview on TV3.

He said “We didn’t get the support, we approached Kantanka …they didn’t get in touch. They didn’t give us the audience, they didn’t even give us the time of the day, and they didn’t even bother with anything.”

His revelation ignited social media uproar as many users expressed their views on the missed opportunity with many accusing Kantanka of not being daring enough to use one of its cars for the trip. Others accused the car manufacturer of not having cars of the right quality for such a trip

However, in response to the group leader’s allegation, the CEO of Kantanka Group took to Twitter to voice his thoughts on the matter.

He wrote “Was never contacted ooo. Hmm. A few heads will roll since it’s a Monday. This is something I would have loved to be part of.”

The team known as ‘The Wander Lusters’ started the journey at Oyarifa on Sunday, July, 23, and covered a staggering 10,000 kilometers from Accra to London.



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