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Adjetey Anang discloses conversation he had with Yvonne Nelson over Sarkodie brouhaha

In the midst of the tension that has erupted between Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson alongside the divergent views from a section of the public, Adjetey Anang has reached out to the actress, urging her to be “insensitive” to derogatory comments and remain focused on her school and the quest to give children a better education, the actor has said.

In his submission on UTV’s United Showbiz monitored by GhanaWeb, Adjetey Anang who is scheduled to launch his book said it was imperative Yvonne paid no attention to negative comments as she may be tempted to react in a manner that would not inure to her benefit.

“I just encouraged her that as much as possible, she should try to be insensitive to the comments,” Adjetey Anang said. “Some people are saying all sorts of things so paying attention won’t help.”

“Her focus should be on her kindergarten; that should give her joy. I encouraged her to cut the responses because some time ago, that was what I did and it landed me into trouble.”

On June 18, 2023, Yvonne Nelson released a memoir titled ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ which detailed some life experiences, including her encounter with Sarkodie and her search for her father. She stated how she had to abort the pregnancy because Sarkodie was not in support of keeping it, and how she thought of saving the child from the pain she (Yvonne) has been through having grown up without a father.

Sarkodie responded with a song explaining that Yvonne should not make it seem as though he “was the one pushing for abortion” because the actress, among others, rejected the idea of his doctor attending to her; instead, she opted for a doctor her friend suggested, claiming “he is the best”.

He rapped that Yvonne should not claim to be a good girl because she is for the streets, adding that if she wants to talk, she should list the men she has slept with because he thought she “was cool” until he “had a hint” about her sexual escapes at the time.

The development has engendered controversy with many people sharing their views on the matter. While some have slammed Sarkodie for acting nonchalant and disrespecting womanhood, others have defended him for telling his side of the story the best way he could.

For Adjetey Anang, as much as people may want to express their views, they should be sensitive.

“It’s very difficult for me that two of the people I admire in a lot of ways are clashing,” he told MzGee. “I can’t condemn anybody; I can’t judge anybody. I just hope that there is a healing; that we won’t dwell on the negativity people are throwing into this. We’re not in their shoes, we can only comment on what we heard.

“Let us have a human touch; be a bit sensitive to these people so we don’t break them apart.”

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