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Anne-Sophie Avé reveals battle with cancer

The former France Ambassador to Ghana, Anne-Sophie Avé, has bravely shared her battle with cancer in a heartfelt video.

In a post shared on Instagram, she expressed her gratitude for the support she received and her unwavering determination to overcome the illness.

Anne-Sophie Avé began by acknowledging her temporary absence from social media while keeping an eye on the developments in Ghana.

Revealing her health issue, she shared, “As I told you, I had a health issue. It was a recess of cancer I had 14 years ago. I’ve been very lucky because it could be handled through surgery. And now I’m waiting for further treatment, but so far, so good. Next time, recover. I’m doing my very best.”

Deeply touched by the overwhelming support she received, Anne-Sophie Avé expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her friends and well-wishers who stood by her side.

She specifically mentioned, “And what keeps me going on is that I’m really hoping that as early as August I will be able to come to Ghana, and see all my friends and say thank you to all those who have been so supportive during my time in the hospital and my time in recovery.”

The former ambassador extended her appreciation to those who had been close to her, checking up on her regularly and providing much-needed comfort.

She emphasized the significance of the support she received, stating, “It meant a lot to me. You cannot give up when you have so much support. So thanks again.”

Anne-Sophie Avé concluded the video with a hopeful tone, expressing her desire to return to Ghana in August and immerse herself in the vibrant Ghanaian atmosphere once again.



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