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Black Sherif should be careful with his management else he won’t last long – Ruthy

You are all aware that Black Sherif was detained on July 19, 2023, in the late hours at Kotoka International Airport.

Black Sherif arrived on Wednesday at the Kotoka International Airport, and Ghana Police reportedly picked him up.

According to reports, Black Sherif was detained by Cruise People Limited (Your Cruise People) because he accepted payments and contracts to perform at a cruise ship event but declined to carry out his obligation.

Cruise People Limited (Your Cruise People) has contracted with the management of Black Sherrif for the musician’s appearance at the second iteration of its musical cruise on board a cruise ship titled Afro Cruise Jam on August 19, 2023, in Greece.

The artist received a remuneration of forty thousand dollars ($40,000) from Cruise People Ltd. The musician was also required to make a video confirming his participation and availability for the specific event on the cruise ship at the scheduled time in exchange for receiving an initial payment of $20,000 to formalize the agreement.

The initial deposit was swiftly transferred by the company to the artist’s London account, and the latter acknowledged receipt of payment. Cruise People Ltd. reminded him that they wanted a video of him verifying his arrival on the cruise ship on the stated dates after multiple emails between the company and the artist.

He was also told by the business that Multimedia Group would be the subject of a media event on May 19, 2023, starting at 3 p.m. It will air the video clip promoting his appearance and availability for the cruise ship event. Black Sherif, however, declined to fulfill his contractual obligations.

Reacting to this, Ruthy, a showbiz pundit, has advised Black Sherif to be very careful with the way he has started behaving towards event organizers else his relevancy will be cut short.



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