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Black Sherif’s arrest saga could deter future investments into the industry – Baba Sadiq

Founder of 3 Music Awards and aspiring parliamentary candidate, Abdullai Abu Sadiq has shared his thought over the arrest saga of BET-nominated artist Black Sherif.

He explains his displeasure on UTV’s Showbiz Night saying that the brouhaha was unfortunate and he does not side with how it played out,

He believes such incidents affect the investments that flow into the industry deterring stakeholders from playing a role.

“My initial reaction was the police involvement in this, I don’t side with how things play out in the public. I have always been making the point that such incidents could affect the investment flow in the industry”

“I’m a big advocate for investment for industry, I always say when people who have money available for the industry come into the country, I do say we should find a way to encourage them through our actions and activities”

“Our industry is lacking a whole lot of investment, if our stories and narratives were a bit different or positive we could be making a great impact. anything that disconnects between the talent community and business community that creates such negative incidents can be avoided.

“We owe it to ourselves to behave responsibly in a way to sustain the industry.”



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