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Car-washing abroad pays more than being a music star in Ghana – Patapaa

Patapaa has argued that people abroad who are engaged in some forms of work looked down upon in Ghana make more money than even local music stars.

The entertainer spoke on Ayekoo Ayekoo on Accra 100.5 FM, Thursday, July 20, 2023.

Host Nana Romeo broached a rumour that Patapaa does menial jobs, including car washing, when he travels outside the country.

“Let them send you a video to verify,” Patapaa reacted.

He said he sleeps so much it bothers his manager but his response always is, “I rise only to go play a programme.”

Sitting up, he argued: “Excuse me to say an artiste who is a star [in Ghana] and throws their weight about does not earn or have the same opportunities as a car wash worker in America.”

He added that people who wash cars in “in America, UK, or Germany” are better of “in terms of money and life in general compared to an artiste in Ghana.”

“We Ghanaians when we become stars, we become pompous and we don’t respect. When we see others, we think we’re bigger than them,” he bemoaned, challenging: “Travel and see.”

Abroad, he said, it is usual to see local musicians who “have better jobs” and want nothing to do with music.

“They even get upset when you mention music because the money they would make in seconds is more than a week, two weeks or a month’s worth of an artiste’s work here in Ghana,” he asserted.

He refused to comment on Stonebwoy and his likes in light of the conversation, saying: “Stonebwoy is my boss so let’s not bring him into this.”

Patapaa said it is necessary for artistes who visit “outside countries to get some work behind [besides] your music”.

The only work that one must not add another to is clergy work, he remarked.

Patapaa’s fame was established within and across the world due to the success of his One Corner song and Scopatomana catch phrase.



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