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‘Craziεst rumour ever’ – Kelvynboy addresses allεgations of bεating his baby mama

Ghanaian artist Kelvynboy has finally broken his silence on the allegations claiming he beat his baby mama, describing it as “the craziest rumour” he has heard in his career.

In a recent interview on Hitz FM, he addressed the issue and the disturbing image that circulated online concerning the purported assault.

The image in question depicted Kelvynboy and an unknown woman with blood on her face, leading to speculations that he had physically assaulted his baby mama.

However, Kelvynboy revealed that the image was taken out of context, adding that he has no connection whatsoever with the woman in the image.

He confirmed that indeed he had an argument with his baby mama, which led her to file an official complaint at the police station. But neither of them was physically assaulted during the explosive argument.

It is for this reason Kelvynboy said his team and baby mama were all shocked at the exaggerated report, and they believed the rumour was coined just for attention and content purposes.

The ‘Down Flat’ hitmaker expressed frustration at how such rumours can impact his reputation and career.

He also mentioned that he considered staying silent on the issue, but realized that addressing it was necessary to set the records straight.

The father-of-two emphasized the importance of verifying information before jumping to conclusions and spreading false narratives.



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