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Don’t only enhαnce your bṵtt, enhαnce your sēnsē – Comedian tells women

Stand-up comedian, Otaghware Otas Onodjayeke, has ‘schooled’ women who surgically enhαnce their butts without also ‘improving their senses’.

He explained it is understandable for ladies who go under the knife simply to boost their self-confidence but condemned those that do the same solely for hookup.

He said the reason why ladies who save up millions to undergo butt surgery yet decide to reside in the hinterlands is the same reason why he recommends they also save enough money to upgrade their senses.

The comedian wondered how they intended to recoup their ‘surgery money’ by staying in remote areas, away from ‘civilization’ and wealthy clients.

He argued, if a lady would improve her looks surgically just for business purposes, then she ought to be sensible enough and strategic in choosing her residential location which has to be an area swarmed by affluent personalities.

Speaking in Pidgin English on the ‘Honest Bunch Podcast’ with Nedu and co, the humour merchant said:

“If you have three million to go do yansh, you suppose save 1.2 to take do sense. Because some girls dey do the yansh to beautify themselves, to give themselves that confidence; which is not bad. Do you understand? Why some dey do am to take increase their money for hookup.

“How you go do yansh, you no do sense? Naim make some girls go do yansh, dem go go dey stay for Epe. How you wan take make your yansh money back for Epe? Wey be say na only nkwobi joint. You go come do three million yansh dey use go chop nkwobi, suya, pepper soup. Wey be say you go do yansh, save small thing come stay Ikoyi or Lekki Phase 1. So that you go fit dey browse in Intercontinental, Wheat Baker, Eko Hotel.”



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