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Don’t risk your life or k!ll your own people for the U.S, France and corrụpt African politicians – Wanlov tells Ghana Armed Forces

Ghanaian-Romanian musician, Wanlov the Kubolor, has cautioned the Ghanaian military force who are to be deployed as part of the ECOWAS troop to deal with the coup in Niger not to risk their lives in this venture.

Wanlov’s perspective, shared in a video which has been endorsed by the likes of Sarkodie is rooted in his concern for the potential peril that the Ghanaian military force might face if they were to engage in a conflict in Niger.

Captioning his thoughts in a video share on Instagram, he stated, “niger got rid of their akufu addo without a single life lost and now you are going there to put their main problem back in power for france and america against the will of the people of niger to keep exploiting them anyhow • don’t risk your life or kill yor own people for these corrupt people oh! i dey beg 🙏🏽 vim👊🏽,”

According to the “African Gypsy” singer, rushing into military action without considering the larger dynamics at play could be detrimental, particularly if it involves fellow Africans fighting against each other.

Wanlov also alluded to the fact that France, the former colonial ruler of Niger, still wields a significant influence in the region and is trying to take back control by suing the ECOWAS troops, inadvertently perpetuating cycles of manipulation and exploitation

“Chale what’s up this is Kubolor, I get a message to the Ghana Army. I beg you guys waa make you no risk your lives and go fight fellow black people in Niger because you will be fighting for Macron,” he shared

In the video, Wanlov highlighted the manipulative tactics historically employed by European colonizers including France to exploit people of colour.

He asserted that the ongoing exploitation of Africa and its people by external forces should not lead to Africans being pitted against each other.

Wanlov’s appeal also touched upon the complex nature of international relations and the challenges African nations face in navigating a post-colonial world.

He went further to acknowledge the reported corruption within Niger’s leadership but also emphasized the importance of understanding the broader context before taking drastic actions.

“The fact say the leaders for Niger are corrupt that’s why the people decided to overthrow their leader. and so going to fight in Niger will rather be encouraging bad leadership and manipulation by the whites,” he said in Ghanaian pidgin English

The recent coup in Niger, which led to the ousting of the democratically elected president, has brought attention to the lingering influence of former colonial powers in African affairs.



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