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I don’t have to go through another person to meet God- Michy

The former Shatta Wale girlfriend claimed in an interview with 3FM that she wanted to find her emotional, financial, and spiritual groove before making her way back to the limelight.

Beyond that, she discussed her relationship with God and how she sees spirituality and religion in contrast to her own life. She emphasized that she does not need any intermediaries if she wants to meet God directly.

“Let’s say, settle down; get my life back on track. I needed to be stable; mentally, physically, and spiritually. I think I’m sorted,” she said during the interview.

“We’ve got to be aware that we are spiritual beings. We are probably spirits walking out here because we’ve got to tap into the Godly side and then, you’ll know that we are capable of anything and everything because we are supernatural beings,” she added.

“I’m spiritual. I won’t call it religious. I don’t like to go through a messenger to God. So far, even the smallest prayers, even when you don’t pray, you think about it and it happens. I’ll be driving and then I’ll look in the sky and go like, ‘That was you!’. Probably, that prayer didn’t even end with an ‘Amen’, then the thing happens, I know that it was you (God),” she shared.

She continued, “I’ve had too many instances like that. I need to take my God seriously.”

On going off the radar and deciding to make the comeback now, Michy GH said:

“Sometimes, you need to take a moment and hear the still voice, what the white man calls ‘intuition’. Being quiet was to be in touch with myself and that small voice that’s supposed to be directing us in life,” she expressed solemnly.



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