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I dress to make money – Empress Gifty tells cr!tics

Ghanaian Gospel musician, Empress Gifty has hit back at those who criticise her taste for a certain pattern of dressing revealing that, putting on saucy dresses earns her a lot of money.

According to her, putting on saucy dresses is part of her deal with fashion companies she has ambassadorial agreements with. Empress Gifty also revealed that the more people talk about her outfit the more money she makes.
“When I go out of those dresses it makes them attractive and they buy. I’m a brand ambassador for a lot of companies so most of the dresses, the shoes, the wigs, the make-ups are for these companies I work for.

“So those of you who criticise me should know that I‘m just selling products so it’s good for them to talk about it so that they will go and buy them.” Empress Gifty said.
When asked if she would have still put on those clothes if she had not been a brand ambassador for those companies Empress Gifty stated that, “I would do more than that. Because it is a trade I understudied. I love looking good”.



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