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I once encouraged my husband to quit acting because I was afraid I’ll lose him to the fame – Elom Anang opens up

Elom Anang, the wife of renowned Ghanaian actor Adjetey Anang, has revealed that she once encouraged her husband to abandon acting out of fear of losing him to his fame.

Elom made this disclosure in the introduction to Chapter 10 of Adjetey Anang’s memoir, titled “Adjetey Anang: A Story of Faith, Imperfection, and Resilience.”

Elom candidly shared that her initial attraction to Adjetey led her to be selfish and concerned about potentially losing him to the demanding nature of his acting career.

She admitted that she tried to dissuade him from pursuing acting by highlighting its limited financial prospects and other factors.

“When I realised I was attracted to Adjetey, I decided to be selfish as I was scared I could lose him to acting,” she revealed “So I actually tried to discourage him from it, telling him acting didn’t pay much among other things. He actually listened to me and for a while went off acting into a completely different field. However, he wasn’t happy with the new direction I was pushing him in.”

However, he soon realized that this new path did not bring him the fulfilment he sought.

Elom expressed regret for her actions, acknowledging that her attempts to redirect her husband’s career were motivated by her own fears and insecurities.

“He started working with a packaging company and it was clear he wasn’t cut out for that. He was obviously getting results but fulfilment wasn’t evident in his life,” she detailed

Adjetey Anang’s happiness and passion for acting eventually led him to return to the profession he loved, where he has achieved considerable success.

The revelation in Adjetey Anang’s memoir adds depth to their 16-year marriage, which is often seen as a model of a harmonious and loving partnership.

However, the perception of perfection was called into question when Adjetey confessed in his memoir to having cheated on his wife multiple times.

On page 115 of the memoir, he wrote, “You could say I was naive from the start about subtle amorous hints and perhaps made a lot of assumptions about people’s motives till it was too late. Soon, I got bolder, more daring, and more adventurous, and sometimes I initiated flirtatious conversations and led many on.

Adjetey’s confession sparked criticism and disappointment from his fans and admirers.

However, he later clarified in an interview that the term “cheating” in his context extended beyond physical affairs

“And when I say cheating… for the most part, people think… we conclude that there were sexual affairs. Even the good book tells that, when a woman walks and you look at them lustfully, in your mind, you have sinned, that’s cheating. There is emotional, there’s mental, and the physical as well,” he explained.

The renowned Ghanaian actor known for his remarkable achievements in the film and entertainment industry released his memoir on Saturday, July 8, 2023, to mark his 50th birthday in a grand manner.

The multifaceted event at the Skybox Event Centre in Accra attracted several dignitaries and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

The event also saw the launch of his foundation, One In A Million, which will engage one hundred influential individuals, including Anang’s colleagues, mentors, and their families, to contribute 1 Cedi per day for a decade for special causes.



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