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I want a God-fearing rich man to marry – Mama Kali

Kumawood actress, Mama Kali has stated that she is hopeful of finding herself a man who will marry her.

According to the veteran actress who has been divorced for over two decades, while she is interested in being with a man, she prefers a rich godfearing person.

“I am old but not that old, God can make a way for me. Maybe there is an elderly man out there interested in me. But I want a Godfearing rich man, I don’t want a poor man.

“What am I going to do with poverty at this stage of my life?” she stated during an interview on the Delay Show.

The actress added that she has no interest in engaging in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but prefers outright marriage.

“No, I don’t want a boyfriend. I won’t even engage in that. I serve the living God and he takes good care of me. I wouldn’t want to offend him.

“I am already old, if by the grace of God someone wants to marry me, I won’t go into a relationship with the person. It should be an outright marriage,” she added.

On how her marriage ended, Mama Kali revealed that her husband left her with two young children and travelled abroad where he married a Jamaican woman.

She said herself and her children were left dejected by her husband for close to two decades causing her to go through a period of pain and hardship.



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