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If I release a memoir in Ghana, it will impl!cate many Ghanaians

Ghanaian musician Mzbel has made a thought-provoking statement about whether she will release a memoir after actress and filmmaker Yvonne Nelson since the release of Nelson’s autobiography, titled ‘I am Not Yvonne Nelson.’.

During her appearance on the United Showbiz Show, she emphasized that while everyone has a story to share, she refrains from doing so because it would implicate many individuals from Ghana.

Mzbel expressed her perspective: “We all have a story to share, but I don’t have a story to share. If I were to write my story, it would involve the names of many people from the whole of Ghana.”

The female artiste briefly touched on some of the incidents that have shaped her life, including a show she had at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Tech.

She alluded to negative encounters and mistreatment she faced during that time, leading her to seek counselling and therapy to cope with the aftermath.

Mzbel also hinted at encounters with armed robbers, indicating that she had experienced attempts on her life.

“From the time I had a show at Tech (KNUST) and what people didn’t to me, the counselling and therapy I had to be to do; the subsequent attempts of armed robbers on me; how the media reported the sad incident at Tech,” she added.

Additionally, she mentioned the media’s coverage of a sad incident at Tech, suggesting that the reporting may not have accurately portrayed the full extent of the situation.

While Mzbel acknowledged that everyone has their own stories to share, she insinuated that the revelations within her own story would involve numerous individuals, potentially implicating a significant portion of Ghana’s population.

“We all have a story to tell, we won’t be done should I start? The whole of Ghana will be in there,” she stated.



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