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If politicians don’t have a million dollars, the country is very poor – George Quaye

Media personality cum actor, George Quaye

While it is legitimate to ask how Cecilia Dapaah made a million dollars, it comes as no surprise to George Quaye that a politician would have such an amount of money as he argues that “if some of our politicians do not have a million dollars, then the country is poor”.

According to the event organiser cum actor, politicians have other businesses they do hence owning such an amount may not be “a big deal”.

Making his submission on the July 22 edition of the United Showbiz on UTV, the actor however said it was not good for a public officer to have such an amount of money in her house as it creates the impression she does not have confidence in the banking system.

“I have already said that it is not a good look for a public officer to be having that kind of money in your house. First, it means you don’t have confidence in our banking system. Secondly, everybody asking where she got the money from is a legitimate question, everybody has the right because you work for us,” he said.

On claims the amount may have been acquired through dubious means, Mr. Quaye stressed that Ghanaian politicians have side businesses to fetch them such an amount.

He believes that Ghanaians rely so much on politicians and that’s the reason some of them have other side businesses that supports them.

He said “I am looking at it from a frank and honest view of it. Ghanaians don’t like the truth. There’s no politician in this country without a side business. Because I know the kind of pressure that even we as a people put on them. Even when Hon McDan announced that he gave me 2 million, do you know the number of people that came to me? So, imagine the politician; Sadiq, ever since you won at your constituency, haven’t you been receiving calls for support?”

Meanwhile, Cecilia Dapaah resigned from her post as Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources on July 22, 2023, amidst calls for her resignation stating that she did not want the government to be burdened with her personal issues.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has also accepted her resignation letter.



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