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It’s possible to fill O2 Arena, It’s a matter of time and good planning – Amerado

Amerado Burner, a prominent Ghanaian rapper, has expressed his thoughts on recent discussions surrounding Ghanaian artists’ ability to organize and successfully fill large venues for international shows.

His comments were prompted by the recent performance of Nigerian music sensation Asake at the O2 Arena in the United States.

Amerado firmly believes that Ghanaian artists are fully capable of achieving similar feats and filling up such events, just like their counterparts from other nations. However, he highlights that this possibility often feels distant due to the lack of internal support that propels talented artists to prominence.

He argues that the Ghanaian music industry lacks essential structures and the necessary backing that empowers artists to excel and instead of offering meaningful support, he observes that Ghanaians tend to engage in destructive comparisons and pull down those who are making strides.

He emphasizes that while Asake’s performance was commendable, it should not be interpreted as an indication that Ghanaian artists cannot achieve the same.

Amerado stresses that Ghanaian audiences generally fall short when it comes to supporting their artists. He points out that comparisons are counterproductive and undermine the hard work of local artists.

“Asake’s performance was great but that does not mean artists in Ghana can’t do it, the honest truth is Ghanaian audience doesn’t support their own enough, they ride on baseless comparisons and rubbish the hard work of their very own arts”

“King Promise has the number one song on Boomplay but no one is talking about it or hyping it, these are big strides that can be hyped to empower artists to do more and move forward. Stonebowy, Sarkodie, et al can all fill up the O2 arena but we need the structures and the right support, investors willing to fund the artistry”

He urges the audience to refrain from constant comparisons and instead offer strong support to Ghanaian artists. Amerado contends that such comparisons hinder growth and the overall development of artists and the industry as a whole.

He encourages a shift in focus towards building a supportive ecosystem that nurtures local talents and enables them to achieve remarkable success on the global stage.

“It is not far from Ghanaian artists replicating what the Nigerians are doing, the audience should stop the comparison and throw much support behind their people to push them. such comparisons are a killjoy and don’t help the growth of artists and the industry at large”



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