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I’ve faced a lot of spirituàl attȁcks – Wendy Shay

Ghanaian Songstress Wendy Asiamah Addo, known by the stage name Wendy Shay has disclosed that she has faced spir!tual attàcks in her time as a musician in Ghana.

Appearing on the “The Day Show” with Bella Mundi which aired on Tuesday, August 1, the “Heaven” hitmaker reflected on some attacks she had faced and the power of music.

“I mean, growing up in Germany, you don’t really see spirituality like that. But when I came to Ghana, obviously I faced a lot of spiritual attacks. Yes, of course. It’s normal everywhere. And I mean, this music thing, the music itself is a spirit.

“What is so special about me that people will like to come and watch me perform? There should be something that is beyond me that is actually making that happen,” she noted.

She added that her experiences have been fundamental in her growth as a person and as a musician.
“It has actually made me know who I really am. I knew I always wanted to do music, but knowing your purpose and really working a purpose driven life is different. It is different. Yes. And that is what I am right now. Live very purposely and you, you know, I am very mindful of whatever,” she said.



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