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‘Kwàsia’ ! ; You don’t take carě of your children – Amakye Dede’s Son exposēs

A young Ghanaian man has brazenly claimed to be the long-lost biological son of the revered Highlife legend Amakye Dede.

The video of the young man’s emotive outburst has gone viral, capturing the interest and curiosity of internet users.

In the incendiary video, the young man accused Amakye Dede of neglecting both him and his other siblings.

He expressed his intense anguish and frustration at being neglected by his purported father.

According to him, Amakye Dede has categorically denied being his father, refused to accept responsibility for him, and called his mother a ‘ashawo’.

Amakye Dede’s son insults him in a viral video titled ‘Kwasia’

According to the young man, if Amakye Dede claims that his mother is a “ashawo,” he must also embrace the label of “gigolo.”

In the video, the man mentions a second young man named Nana Amakye, who he claims is also Amakye Dede’s biological son, and asserts that the music icon has refused to care for him as well.

Ghanaians have responded with astonishment and disbelief to these revelations, as the video is currently spreading like wildfire on social media.

The sensational claims have prompted heated online debates and discussions, with individuals taking sides and expressing their opinions.

Amakye Dede has yet to respond to these accusations made by his alleged long-lost son.



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