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Marriage and childbirth has slowed down Becca’s career – Beverly Afaglo

Beverly Afaglo, a talented actress and mother of two, has shed light on the challenges women face in balancing marriage, childbirth, and their showbiz careers.

The screen goddess has shared a personal experience where her motherly responsibilities has affected her professional life.

Beverly recounts that at the time, her first daughter who was then six months old always wanted to be breastfed before going to bed, hence, staying late into the night on set became a burden she couldn’t endure.

Beverly details that people started complaining as she chooses to go home early. She adds, unfortunately, the producer called to tell her that she should stay home to perform her motherly duties and her role was taken off in subsequent editions of the series.

“Being married definitely slowed me down because some of the directors told me they couldn’t cast me for certain roles which I played previously because I’m a wife.

“I love that they give me such respect but as an actress, it is my duty to act irrespective of my marital status; so if I can perfectly play a role, I don’t see the reason why I should not be given the chance,” she stated.

The “Single Six” actress cited a number of female celebs like Beyonce and Ghanaian singer, Becca among many others have been through similar situations.

“Look at Beyonce, because she is a big brand, her team is able to push her works when she brings something out but we know all that this is the Beyonce we knew before marriage because being a wife and a mother affected her.

“Same with Becca, she was very loud and everywhere but that is not happening with her now. You have colleagues you started with, they are single so they will keep working and then, childbirth also slows you down since you can be off for a year and half.



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