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My ex-husband and I have never been enemies, and we’ll never be one because we’re divorced – Ohemaa Mercy

Ohemaa Mercy, a gospel musician, has stated that leaving her marriage does not entitle her to destroy the man she was previously married to.

One of the main reasons the musician has avoided controversies and what are perceived to be negative stories about her is that she does not respond to them.

Speaking to Sokoohemaa Kukua on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the musician explained that she and her former husband have never been enemies and will never be enemies.

”We have never been enemies, and we will never be enemies.”

Ohemaa Mercy said, ”When your enemies are accusing you, look at the positive side and learn from it; do not dwell on the negatives”.

”If there is no understanding and a marriage ends, it does not mean that the gift you have in the man or the children you have together must die or that the life you both have must come to an end. This is for the wise. If your marriage fails, your life does not have to come to an end. As a divorcee, I always pray for him. I always pray for wisdom for him. He called me from the moment I left the marriage to inquire about Tehillah and to offer his support.

It is not about what other people think. I am a different person who bears the mantle of God, and I seek God’s guidance in everything I do. So marriage cannot undo what God has given me. Whether it went well or not, it will not prevent me from carrying out what God has planned for me.”

Ohemaa Mercy added that ”for me leaving out of the marriage, I will not destroy him. We have kids that are also looking up to us and following our footsteps”.

”Our children are all boys, and you need the father to help you raise them. So we talk about our children and make decisions about them. And about my ministry, when he has any idea, he brings it on board.”

The decision of her ex-husband to attend the Tehillah launch this year was one of the surprises for her at the time, she continued.



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