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‘No one has the right to attack her’ – Salinko urges public to stop blaming ex-wife for marital breakdown

Renowned Kumawood actor, Abraham Davis, popularly known as Salinko, has made a plea to the public, urging them to refrain from blaming and insulting his ex-wife after he experienced a marital breakdown a few months ago.

He emphasized that their separation was not solely her fault, as both parties mutually agreed that their irreconcilable differences made it impossible to continue their marriage.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the actor stated, “I have heard a few comments bashing her, and I am not in the least amused at all because no one has the right to attack her for the failure of our union.”

He further explained, “We just had issues with understanding each other, and that is why we are where we are today, so I would not like anyone to blame her for anything. Initially, it was very difficult for both of us, but now our hearts and minds are at peace, and we have both accepted the current situation.”

Contrary to popular belief that their marriage collapsed due to long-distance challenges, Salinko clarified that his ex-wife did not reside abroad.

“She was not living outside the country; we were both here in Ghana but used to travel very often, and that is why people are under the impression that she was living abroad,” he clarified.

Taking the opportunity to offer advice to young married couples, Salinko emphasized the importance of understanding each other.

He suggested that without misunderstandings, a marriage is more likely to thrive. He also cautioned against relying too heavily on the advice of family and friends, stating that while their guidance is valuable, individuals should not solely depend on it.

He explained that his ex-wife was photogenic and enjoyed taking pictures, and he took advantage of that to showcase her on social media and in public.

“Once I am in the limelight, my partner is most likely to be in the limelight too, so that is what it has been all this while. I don’t have any problem ‘displaying’ my partners in public,” he added.



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