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‘Pathetic hypocrite!’ – OB Amponsah slams pundit for asking Efya to undergo a public drug test

Popular Ghanaian comedian, OB Amponsah, has ‘pooh-poohed’ Vida Adutwumwaa’s idea of asking Efya to undergo a public drug test to challenge the rumours around her.

Earlier in an interview with United Showbiz, Vida asked Efya to either sue people labeling her as a drug addict or undergo a public drug test to clarify all these rumours.

“People have alleged over the years that you use hard drugs and have allegedly become an addict. However, you have not taken anyone to court to help end these allegations. She has to go to court to end this.

“Apart from going to court, she suggested that Efya can avail herself of a drug test to tell the world that she is clean in order to end the allegations that are hampering her brand. It hurts me when I hear those allegations because the talent is rich,” the entertainment pundit established.

However, OB Amponsah has described Vida as a pathetic hypocrite, following her utterances.

He said, individuals like Vida have turned a deaf ear to Efya’s new projects and only focused on pursuing the negative stories.

“This woman wants Efya to do a public drug test. She also wants Efya to associate herself with only soft drinks. She wants Efya to also sue anybody who claims she is a user so that she Vida will be okay. Ask her Efya’s latest song and she wouldn’t know,” he wrote on social media.

Not long after, Efya also responded.

She retweeted the viral video in which Vida made such remarks and wrote,

“I just dropped a new inspirational song, Super Super. Go and stream. The link is in my bio.”



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