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‘Sarkodie aided an ab0rtion, Stonebwoy pulled a gυn on stage’ – Shatta Wale on diplomatic passport merit

Shatta Wale has wondered why he is usually the target of critics when his other colleagues are as imperfect as he is.

According to the dancehall artiste, he has been trademarked as the ‘king of controversies’ when the likes of Stonebwoy and Sarkodie have been involved in more damning scandals.

Shatta’s comments are in reaction to Ola Michael’s disapproval of him being awarded a diplomatic passport due to his ‘ill conduct’ on social media.

“Imagine Shatta Wale is given a diplomatic passport. Just imagine. I am sure there are rules pertaining to the acquisition of a diplomatic passport and even Ghanaian artistes are not part of the deserving people. It has to do with diplomats. We cannot give someone like Shatta Wale a diplomatic passport for him to rain insults on people on social media anyhow. This issue should not be massaged,” Ola earlier disclosed on United Showbiz.

However, after releasing a diss song for the NeatFM presenter, Shatta Wale went ahead to tackle what he described as favoritism in the industry.

“If you want to do favoritism and take sides, you support Stonebwoy and Sarkodie and say they are the best, they will keep disgracing us. How can you make a statement like imagine Shatta Wale with a diplomatic passport? I can also say imagine Stonebwoy who has pulled a gun on stage. Imagine Sarkodie who has done an abortion with a woman and recorded a diss track for her afterward. What will you say about it? Nobody is perfect in this world. We just have to stop playing around with this business because it is business,” he fumed during an interview with Empire 102.7FM.

He also questioned why he is constantly compared to artistes like Sarkodie and Stonebwoy.

Shatta Wale cited that the two, especially Sarkodie, were nowhere when he started music.

“The moment you compare me to Sarkodie then you make him feel big. When I talk to him, he wants to rub shoulders with me. Where I have been, he hasn’t been there before. You people make it seem like Sarkodie is bigger than me. He can never be bigger than me in his life,” he added.



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