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‘Suzzy Williams was w!ld and untamable, we even sm0ked together’ – Schwarzenegger berates late actress’ mum

Afia Schwarzenegger has asked Suzzy Williams’ mother to stop acting as though her daughter was a saint who should be revered even after death.

She has asked Mrs. Cecilia Williams to be honest about her late daughter’s wild lifestyle which led to her untimely death, instead of wrongly projecting that she was innocent.

Earlier Suzzy Williams’ mother lamented neglect from Suzzy’s supposed ‘industry godmothers’ and colleagues since the actress died 18 years ago.

In an interview with N0.1FM, Suzzy Williams’ mother disclosed how she has since been battling financial crises, adding that her landlord is even threatening to kick her out of her apartment due to the inability to pay rent.

She also claimed that her late daughter’s lover was a bad influence to her adding that he played a pivotal role in her death.

But in a TikTok live to address such claims, Afia Schwarzenegger angrily lambasted Suzzy’s mother for creating the impression that her daughter lived a just life.

According to her, Suzzy Williams’ mother is very much aware of how wild her daughter lived and how she wasn’t able to control and set the late actress on the right path.

Afia expressed that there were even reports that drugs were recovered from the scene of the particular accident that claimed her life.

“She was hanging with the wrong crowd. The question is where were you as a mother? People should stop pushing unnecessary agenda. They should stop making it look like it’s a McBrown problem. They should stop making it look like it’s the devil’s fault. The devil hasn’t done anything. Was it the devil who had been putting wee in her mouth? Was it the devil who was pouring a drink into her cup? Suzzy Williams was all over. Do you know the number of nights you will meet him at places with her boyfriend, Edwin She is no one’s responsibility. Didn’t her mother work after she died? Your daughter is dead so what should we do? Was she the one who brought a cure for glaucoma? Nobody owes you a dime.

“She should rather sit and reflect instead of pity games. Stop making stories up. Those who picked Suzzy up from the accident scene to the hospital said they found drugs on her. Your daughter and her ex-boyfriend were doing drugs. Your daughter was living a wild life. Edwin was into drugs and Suzzy was into wee. We used to smoke together at Nana King’s house. Your daughter was a turning point for me. My mother thinks it was her prayers that made me change but no! Suzzy Williams became the turning point for most of us,” Afia fumed.

Touching on the bid where there have been calls for Nana Ama McBrown to take full responsibility for Suzzy’s mother, Afia Schwarzenegger said,

“Let McBrown’s name rest. If McBrown had lived like Suzzy, she’ll also have been dead by now. If you are young and upcoming, go and look for the story and take lessons from it. Look for the Suzzy Williams story and pick lessons from it.”

She is insisting that Suzzy Williams’ mother should admit to being a bad mother instead of playing the ‘pity card’ and acting like a victim.

Afia also urged her to pursue the agenda of educating and advising the youth, with her daughter’s life story as the focal point.

“Ask God to heal you, carry your daughter’s story with all honesty. Tell the story in truth so that some of us can help you. Educate the youth and stop blaming innocent people Some people think they love their daughter to the point that they can’t scold them but if care is not taken, you will be the one at the crying end. Spare the rod and spoil the child,” she added.



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