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The Lavish Lifestyle I display on social media is just Props; I’m not Rich – Medikal

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has openly acknowledged that the extravagant lifestyle he portrays on social media is nothing more than a carefully crafted image.

Medikal candidly shared that the opulent persona he presents on his social media platforms is essentially a facade, strategically designed to enhance his personal brand.

During a live discussion on Twitter Spaces with Cookie Tee, known for her hard-hitting interviews, the artist behind the hit “Too Risky” faced questions about the wealth, cars, and houses often featured in his social media posts. He clarified that all these are essentially props used to amplify his brand and should not be taken at face value.

Drawing an analogy from popular Hollywood movies, Medikal emphasized that he has never made claims of ownership over items displayed on social media that he does not genuinely possess. He acknowledged that his fans are well aware of this aspect of his online presence.

“It’s all props, it’s like the Rambo movie, you see him with guns, shooting and killing, but in real life, he’s in The Bahamas chilling, that’s how it is. So what you see on social media is an illusion. It’s just my brand. I don’t have anything. My fans know that whatever I don’t own, I won’t claim as my own. I’m not rich, I’m trying to survive, I’m a hustler just like everyone else,” he disclosed.



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