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Tracey Boakye side chick saga: ‘I wasn’t referring to the Mahama you know’ – Ayisha makes U turn

Ayisha Modi has asked netizens to desist from twisting her statements concerning Tracey Boakye’s affair with a certain Mahama.

Earlier, while lambasting Tracey for scheming with Afia Schwarzenegger to fight her, Ayisha claimed that the former once slept with a certain politician for money and blackmailed him with his secrets.

Ayisha also claimed that the actress once fled to Accra after committing a hideous crime in Kumasi, adding that she is still extorting money from a certain Mahama.

“You slept with a president for money and you milked out his secret. You did this to Mahama. You shared those secrets backed with evidence with Afia Schwarzenegger. Tracey Boakye stole Mahama’s money. You committed murder in Kumasi and fled to Accra. Tracey Boakye has slept with a lot of men including her mother’s husband.

“When last did you see her mother at any of her events. She had to storm the U.S. to appease her mother with the filthy money she got from the president. You’ll show me the father of your firstborn, second and thirdborn. You’ll show me the kind of job you did to acquire 7 million dollars and where you got the money to marry your husband,” Ayisha earlier stated in a viral video.

Ayisha Modi’s statement has since revived a longstanding rumour about Tracey Boakye and her famous ‘Papa no’, who is suspected to be a politician.

However, clarifying her comments, Ayisha has claimed that the Mahama she claimed Tracey Boakye had an affair with wasn’t Mr. Mahama, the politician.

Condemning the extent to which people are taking her statements out of context, Ayisha said some members of the NPP have started using it to their advantage by creating campaign messages around it.

“They know what I am talking about. President Mahama doesn’t live in Kumasi. I said something happened in Kumasi and that’s why the girl flew and relocated to Accra. I am not citing any president and I cannot disrespect any president. I cannot denigrate Mahama because I am also an NDC member. Those I am fighting know exactly what I am talking about. The person I am talking about is called Mahama and he lives in Kumasi. He is the one I am talking about.

“Also, I have seen that people from the opposition are campaigning with what I said. Please I am not referring to Mahama,” she stated during TikTok live.



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