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‘Wei Yε Canvas Shoe anaa?’ – Akrobeto Mocks Ola Michael

One issue that has dominated discussions in the showbiz industry this week is the shoes Ghanaian movie director and producer, Ola Michael decided to wear for UTV’s United Showbiz on Saturday, August 12, 2023.

The discussions about the shoes have heavily focused on the fact that they were not nice to be worn, especially, by a presenter and movie director cut in the form of Ola Michael.

A lot of people, including popular Ghanaian actor, Kwaku Manu, have taken to social media to bash Ola for wearing that particular shoe for the show that is watched by many people every Saturday night.

The latest entertainment personality to add his voice to the trending story is the legendary Akwesi Boadi, popularly known as Akrobeto.

On Friday, August 18, 2023, Akrobeto decided to mock Ola Michael when he was speaking about the shoe, which has gone very viral.

The host of UTV’s Real News said that Ola Michael should be more mindful of what he wears before stepping out in public, especially given his role as a presenter.

“So, Ola, you thought we would praise you for wearing this shoe or what? You are a presenter, and people know you. So, what at all made you wear it?

“Is this a shoe or canvas? You can see this one is a canvas shoe. So, if Shatta Wale says something about your shoe, he deserves to say it, Ola. Even for me, I have to compose a song for your shoe. Shoe kakoma…” Akrobeto added while mocking Ola.

He ended by saying: “Ola, wherever you are, I greet you, but next time, no matter the haste… Even if you could have walked here barefooted, we might have thought it was for exercise purposes. But having this shoe in your room or house, Ola, no, you can’t wear this shoe. You are disgracing the whole UTV viewers.”



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