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‘Why I date 18-year-old girls, break up with them before they turn 24’ – Actor confesses

Nigerian skitmaker, De General, has revealed that he exclusively dates girls who are 18 years of age.

In a video shared online, De General said his preference is usually to avoid the ‘unnecessary pressure’ mature women mount on their boyfriends.

De General expressed worry about the trend where ladies in their mid-20s put so much pressure on their partners to marry them.

He questioned the motive behind rushing into marriage and asked whether these women knew the consequences of their actions.

According to him, he only dates younger women because they are not in a hurry to walk down the aisle, and when they turn 24, he breaks up with them before they start pressuring him into commitment or marriage.

“What’s is it girls that are 24 years? All of you just want to get married. You start putting pressure on your boyfriend to marry.

“Are you people not scared? That’s why I date girls of 18yrs. Before they get to 24, I just break up,” he stated.



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