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You begged me for 7 months to marry you, I met your family and your son lives with me – Ayisha Modi fires back

Ayisha Modi has shared her side of the story following Abass Sarki’s latest outbursts.

Abass Sariki, in a recent development, was captured in a viral video insisting that no romantic relationship whatsoever exists between him and Ayisha Modi.

The popular business tycoon cum Sowutuom Chief, outlined his stance, following claims that he is married to the popular socialite, but this time around, in a fury approach.

“We have never been in a relationship. Ayisha is a friend and a sister. She is not my wife! This issue makes my heart ache! I can’t ever marry her and it’s time she takes it out of her mind.

“Maybe she likes me, that’s why she keeps mentioning my name. if she has feelings for me, she should keep it in a bible and pray over it and even God will never permit it. She should stop mentioning my name anyhow. If she is depressed, I am a mental man. Tell her not to try me. I need to focus on other important things. She keeps embarrassing me. Mentioning my name anyhow,” Abass fumed in an interview with Daily view GH.

But in a sharp response, Ayisha, insists that she and Abass Sariki are romantically involved with each other.

According to her, Abass approached her on their first day of meeting, with a marriage proposal.

In a Tik Tok live, Ayisha said it took her 6 to 7 months to accept Abass’ marriage proposal and this was because she felt it was too hasty.

“He took me to his mother and told her he intends to marry me. He took me to his first wife and did same. I asked him why he kept taking me around his family members when I had not even accepted his proposal. It took me 6 to 7 months to accept his proposal and my birthday in 2020 was when we started our love journey. He told me in Islam, any woman who is set to marry a man with wives must first appease his other wives. There is a rite for that. I bought all the items needed and did exactly that. He didn’t approach me with a dating proposal. He told me from day one that he wanted to marry me.

Sharing more details to buttress her points, she also claimed that he brought his son to live with her.

“He even brought his child to come live with me. If you come to my house, I have pictures of him in my living room and vice versa. I have been to his hometown and have been introduced to his mother’s family as the woman he intends to marry. He came to see my family and we even set a date for the wedding ceremony and all that,” she added.



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