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Research reveals rape and defilεment as highest sεxuαl heαlth violαtions in Cape Coast, Elmina

A recent research study sponsored by Curious Minds has shed light on alarming sexual and reproductive health violations in Cape Coast and Elmina, two cities in Ghana’s Central Region.

The study, titled “A Situational Analysis of Young Women’s Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Including Abortion in Cape Coast and Elmina,” conducted by Dr. Deborah Atobrah, Dr. Abena Kyere, and Dr. Alexander Nii Adjei Sowah, has brought to the forefront the pressing issue of sexual health rights in the region.

The research, which involved interviews with 1,031 female respondents aged 15 to 45, revealed that rape and defilement are the most prevalent sexual health violations in the area.

Shockingly, the study found that cases of defilement and rape leading to unwanted pregnancies are often treated as “family matters” and remain unreported due to compromises made by victims.

In light of these distressing findings, the research recommends that the Department of Social Welfare and the Ghana Police Service collaborate with community contacts and teams to address sexual and reproductive rights violations, particularly cases of rape, defilement, and the denial of essential services to individuals.

Furthermore, the study highlights the persistently high rates of unsafe abortions and practices in the region, coupled with a significant rate of contraceptive use. This underscores the urgent need for comprehensive community education and sensitization efforts that are “inter-sectoral, involving all stakeholders and players” to achieve the maximum impact and desired outcomes.

The research was unveiled in Accra on August 30 by its authors, and it serves as a crucial wake-up call regarding the state of sexual health rights in Cape Coast and Elmina.

Kingsley Obeng-Kyere, the Coordinator for Curious Minds, expressed concern over the slow progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and called for collaborative efforts to address these pressing issues.

He emphasized that the SDGs are not a distant future but a collective responsibility to act upon in the present. Mr. Obeng-Kyere stressed the importance of using available data to inform action, particularly in tackling issues related to sexual health and reproductive rights.

Mavis Aryee, a youth advocate at Curious Minds, applauded the research for providing a platform to identify gaps in interventions and gain evidence of the realities faced by individuals in the region.

This research offers a critical foundation for stakeholders to develop effective and impactful solutions to the community’s challenges.

The study’s findings underscore the need for immediate action to protect and uphold the sexual and reproductive rights of individuals in Cape Coast and Elmina. It is a call to action for stakeholders, policymakers, and communities to work collaboratively in addressing these deeply concerning violations and ensuring the well-being of the region’s residents.

copied/Source: Pulse Ghana



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