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You will be my business should you further go for body enhancement – Gloria Sarfo advises Salma

Actress and entrepreneur Gloria Osei Sarfo has in her opinion advised her colleague Salma Mumin not to be pressured by the social trolls and ill comments to go under the knife further.

Actress Salma in a post addressed social ill comments slapped at her admitting to enhancing her body due to the pressures.

In her post she said, it’s her choice to do whatever she pleases with her body hence she can wake up morning and decide to further enhance her body and it’s no one’s business

Responding to this on UTV, Showbiz Night actress Gloria Sarfo has said it’s unhealthy to further consider enhancing your body due to the complications the process comes with.

“She should feel good about herself and do what makes her happy, people make decisions based on various reasons, probably enhancing her body will have people patronize her clothing brand since she has to look good to fit the clothes”

“She should not pay heed to the trolls and wake up one morning to further go enhance her body. I Gloria Sarfo will have a problem with that. As my younger sister, she is beautiful the way she looks and I will advise she does not further consider going under the knife.”



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