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ECG allegedly disconnects power at Treasure Island over GH¢370,000 accumulated debt

Treasure Island Hotel in Ada suffered a power supply cut on Thursday (13 July 2023) by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) due to non-payment of debt amounting to GH¢379,775.95.

This action is part of ECG’s revenue mobilization drive aimed at addressing its financial challenges. As part of a two-month campaign, the company aims to ensure that all customers settle their outstanding debts promptly.

Sakyiwaa Mensah, the ECG spokesperson for the Tema Region, emphasized the importance of customers paying for the electricity they consume in order to prevent accumulating debts.

The Operation Zero campaign involves ECG staff visiting customers, monitoring meters for accuracy, inspecting ECG installations, and educating customers about the company’s cashless system and the use of the Power App.

In addition to Treasure Island Hotel, Musahamat Banana Farm in Aveyime was also disconnected from the power grid due to an outstanding debt of GH¢219,184.42. The Aveyime Irrigation Project faced disconnection over a debt of GH¢63,801.22, and the Ada Technical Institute was disconnected due to an outstanding debt of GH¢71,102.11.

ECG advises customers and the public to cooperate with its staff and provide access to all meters on their premises. They also encourage customers to make payments through mobile money or debit cards, as the company is transitioning to cashless transactions.



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