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Paul Biya of Cameroon, Paul Kagame of Rwanda reshuffle armies quickly after Gabon coup

The August 30 coup d’état that hit Gabon has alarmed some of the longest-serving African presidents and they have started proactively reshuffling their armies.

Paul Biya of Cameroon and his namesake, Paul Kagame of Rwanda would not wait for the fate of deposed Gabonese presidentAli Bongo Ondimba to befall them, so they have been putting their houses in order with an interesting alacrity.

90-year-ol Paul Biya who has served as the President of Cameroon since November 1982, having previously been Prime Minister of Cameroon from 1975 to 1982 shook up the country’s military the same day the Gabon coup took place.

The changes were announced through a formal document that was posted on the president’s official Twitter account.

The text of the announcement which is in French, Cameroon’s official language of teaching and communication says some soldiers have been demoted while others have been reassigned inside the nation’s defence ministry.

Ajeagah Njei Felix, Kamdom Lucas, and Nguema Ondo Bertin Bourger are among the recently selected senior military officers in the army, according to information from a source within the Cameroonian government.

Additionally, Edou Essono Serge Durel and Moudio Hervé have been appointed to the Marine Corps of Cameroon.

Interestingly, as if the two Pauls had had a conversation and decided to embark on the same exercise, Rwanda’s Kagame retired some of the country’s military chiefs.

According to The New Times, a Rwandan news outlet, President Paul Kagame has authorized the retirement of many RDF generals, including James Kabarebe, the senior presidential advisor on security issues.

The rest include Fred Ibingira, Charles Kayonga, Frank Mushyo Kamanzi, Martin Nzaramba, Eric Murokore, Augustin Turagara, Charles Karamba, Albert Murasira, Chris Murari, Didace Ndahiro, and Emmanuel Ndahiro.

Kagame has been president of Rwanda since 2000 and is one of the longest-serving African leaders.



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