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‘God found a way’ to end my relationship with Shatta Wale’ – Michy

According to Michy, in retrospect, it was God who orchestrated her breakup with former fiance Shatta Wale.

The TV personality spoke to Kwame Dadzie on Accra-based Joy FM, on the Showbiz A to Z programme, Saturday, August 12, 2023.

Dadzie had broached an interview Michy granted to Delay, indicating that in said interview, she said her relationship with Reggae/Dancehall star Shatta Wale was going to be difficult replicate with any other man. She said they were more like bestfriends, with Wale being like a brother.

“I won’t take those words back though,” Michy promptly reacted.

She explained that she “always told him we’re better of best friends, we’re better of business partners than dating and God has found a way, no matter how difficult that way came through or by, to bring us back to what we’re supposed to be”.

Michy added that in the Delay interview, she remembers saying “if I were a man, I’d like to dress and look like” Wale, with whom she has a son.

Dadzie remarked it shows how fond she is of her former boyfriend.

“Fond is the word,” Michy animatedly reacted. “And also it is difficult to create another relationship like that.”

Michy, formerly Shatta Michy, started to date Shatta Wale when she was 17-years-old going on to 18 in a “few months”.

Dadzie asked her if she has ever been in love.

“I feel I have [fallen in love before] but I was young,” she answered.

However, she pensively revealed that: “From my perception today, I can say it was more [of] a duty of care and probably lust – a lot of lust.”

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