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Shatta Wale demands apology from Ola Michael

Controversial Ghanaian dancehall artiste Charles Nii Armah Mensah is demanding an apology from producer and entertainment pundit Ola Michael over statements made on the popular show United Showbiz.

On August 5, 2023, Ola Micheal, reacting to calls by the former French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Ave, for some Ghanaian artistes to be granted diplomatic passports as a way of enhancing the culture, entertainment, and art industry, argued that someone like Shatta Wale should not be granted such a passport due to his behaviour.

In reaction, Shatta Wale produced a diss song insulting Ola Micheal and his wife followed by a subsequent diss song targeting Ola Michael’s shoes.

In a live video on his Instagram page, Shatta Wale demanded an apology from Ola Michael for the remarks.

“Let me tell you something, if you do not apologize for the nonsense thing you said, if you do not issue a proper apology, the way God will deal with you, you will look for me and you won’t see me,” he warned.

“He should come and apologize and do it for the Shatta movement because Shatta movement is not for me alone, it is an empire, it is for the world. If not God will deal with him,” he added.

Shatta Wale also claimed that the United Showbiz show which currently airs every Saturday on UTV will be canceled soon due to issues with the panelists.

“Mark my words, you see that program on UTV, it will be canceled, it will be changed. Because all the panelists on that show have problems. But they sit on there acting like we are the ones with problems,” he proclaimed.



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