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Black Sherif ‘arrest’ saga: All you need to know (VIDEO)

Mohammed Ismail Sherif, known in showbiz circles as Black Sherif was picked up at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on the evening of July 19, 2023.

Reports were rife on social media about the incident but it was not until the wee hours of July 20 that details emerged on what appears to have been a contractual breach episode.

GhanaWeb presents major highlights from what has so far been reported

Detained upon arrival in the country, moved to Police HQ

According to a Kofi TV report, he was stopped upon arrival into the country after his name had been placed on a ‘STOP LIST.’

The artiste it turns out was returning to the country when he was stopped at the airport.

The Kofi TV report said from the airport, the musician was moved to the police headquarters in Accra.

A breach of contract to perform on Greece cruise

Kofi Adomah, host on Kofi TV channel on YouTube, said in a report that Blacko was picked up in relation to a contract he had failed to honour resulting in the filing of a complaint against him.

Details of the contract

The contract in question involved an August 19 show scheduled to take place in Greece.

“We called our sources and it appears it is due to a contractual issue he has to play on a cruise ship in Greece having charged US$40,000 and receiving half of the amount.

“He was due to receive the the balance after playing the show,” Kofi stated.

The show was scheduled for August 19.

Footage of detained Blacko posted online

Reports were rife of the ‘arrest’ on social media as no photos or videos were available but blogger Nkonkonsa has posted what appears to be the first images of Blacko being led out of the airport.

The video, shared on Twitter shows the artiste being led into a car by two persons, one a police officer and another in mufti.

Watch video below



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