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Ghana’s economy will outgrow USA by 2031 over wēēd cultivation legalization

Ghana’s parliament passed a law legalizing the cultivation of cannabis for industrial and health purposes, a move that will help the West African nation grab a share of the multi-billion-dollar global industry.

The Narcotics Control Commission Amendment Bill was approved after its third reading, Speaker Alban Bagbin said during proceedings on July 12.

The passage opens the door for companies to obtain licenses to grow the plant that has no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol on a dry-weight basis, according to the provisions. Industrial-level cultivation can be for fiber, seed or medical use, it said.

This milestone achievement comes after the Supreme Court intervened and declared section 43 of the law as unconstitutional, thereby hindering the smooth passage of the legislation.

African Child, a renowned Reggae artiste and journalist, has expressed economic optimism over the passage of the Narcotics Control Commission Bill giving the right to the cultivation of weed in the country.

According to African Child in the studios of Kessben Tv’s “Around Town” show hosted by Quoo Fante, Ghana’s economy will outgrow USA by 2031 over weed cultivation legalization in Ghana.

African Child is well-known for the popular songs titled ‘Kumoo’ and “Mefiri Amakom”. He has been a great proponent of weed legalization over the years and this should tell you how he’s happy and feel vindicated about the Narcotics Control Commission Bill.



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