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Doctors asked for selfies when we went for fertility test – Adjetey Anang’s wife shares ‘uncomfortable’ experience

Among the uncomfortable experiences during their search for a child were their visits to clinics and the desire of doctors and nurses to take photographs with them, Elom, wife of actor Adjetey Anang stated in her husband’s memoir, as sighted by One Ghana News.

The two had been married for six years without a child and their quest to have one heightened, informing their decision to tackle the issue medically and spiritually.

“For most of the visits, I saw the difficulty with which Adjetey had to carry on. It wasn’t easy for him. My husband is largely a very private person; I’m more friendly and open. So being in the hospital and visiting the fertility clinics wasn’t too easy for him,” Elom stated.

As captured in Chapter 11 of the book, Elom said: “There were incidents where we went for tests and the nurses and doctors would be asking for selfies and pictures with him when we were deep in the emotional roller-coaster of the reasons for these visits.”

She continued: “It wasn’t too comfortable an experience but we endured it. I found it a bit unsettling that people would overlook what we were going through and seek to satisfy their personal desires by taking pictures with Adjetey.

Meanwhile, Elom has acknowledged the role certain pastors played in their search for a child. According to her, “These three men of God – Rev. Christopher Annor, Dr. Mensa Otabil and Prophet El Bernard were pivotal in our faith journey and their words of encouragement helped sustain us in our difficult moments.”

Elom and Adjetey Anang got married in 2007. They have a child called Ryan-Dew Adjei Edem Anang. The child was born in their seventh year of marriage.

Adjetey Anang, 50, launched his memoir on his golden jubilee anniversary. The memoir titled ‘Adjetey Anang: A story of Faith, Imperfection and Resilience’ tells Adjetey Anang’s journey to stardom, his impact, lessons, struggles, and the sacrifices which have shaped him over the years.

It also reveals the relatable individual behind the varied captivating screen characters he has played over the years, including the legendary Pusher from the iconic TV series Things We Do for Love.



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