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Otabil’s name pops up in Adjetey Anang’s wife’s pregnancy story

In their search for a child, six years after marriage, one of the men of God Adjetey Anang and his wife Elom encountered was Dr. Mensa Otabil who in 2013 prophesied that the couple would have a child to call their own in their seventh year.

In Chapter 11 of Adjetey Anang’s memoir, her wife chronicled events that led to their meeting with the preacher who is the founder and leader of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) of which they are members.

“Adjetey and I were in the youth ministry at the time and he had asked to see us to discuss his plans for performing arts in the church. During the meeting, he randomly asked us “How long have you been married?”

According to Elom as sighted by GhanaWeb, after answering “six years”, the preacher asked, “So, what are the doctors saying?”. They then “went on to share everything with him and he did something really special. He stopped the discussion and asked that we share a word of prayer.”

Recounting the incident, Elom continued: “He asked if we could agree with him that God would give us a child and we agreed. He held hands with us together and since we were three, we should agree on having a baby in the seventh year.”

She quoted the pastor as saying: “In the seventh year of your marriage, you shall have your baby”; and according to Elom, “That was the declaration and we all agreed upon that and prayed upon the decree.”

“The following year was the seventh and the theme for ICGC that year was ‘Perfection’, perfection with reference to the number seven. And lo and behold, I conceived in the seventh year and we had our son just as we had agreed!”

Elom also recalled how two other pastors prophesied about giving birth and how their fervent prayers led to a miracle.

“These three men of God – Rev. Christopher Annor, Dr. Mensa Otabil and Prophet El Bernard were pivotal in our faith journey and their words of encouragement helped sustain us in our difficult moments,” said Elom.

Adjetey Anang, 50, launched his memoir on his golden jubilee anniversary. The memoir titled ‘Adjetey Anang: A story of Faith, Imperfection and Resilience’ tells Adjetey Anang’s journey to stardom, his impact, lessons, struggles, and the sacrifices which have shaped him over the years.

It also reveals the relatable individual behind the varied captivating screen characters he has played over the years, including the legendary Pusher from the iconic TV series Things We Do for Love.

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