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I had a boyfriend who had S£X with me daily, not knowing he had a real girlfriend – Shugatiti

Ghanaian socialite Shugatiti has opened up about her experience with her boyfriend, who had been deceitful about his relationship status to maintain a sexual relationship with her.

In an interview with Zionfelix on his podcast, Shugatiti revealed that she had unknowingly become her boyfriend’s “top-up” without realizing it. She only discovered the truth later on.

Shugatiti explained that she had a strong sexual relationship with the guy, engaging in daily sexual activities except during her period.

However, she was unaware that he had a girlfriend, whom she decided to name Adwoa until she noticed a picture of Adwoa on her boyfriend’s laptop and questioned him about it.

“One day, I found out that the wallpaper on his laptop was a picture of Adwoa, so I asked him about it. He told me that Adwoa was his ex-girlfriend, but I was confused because he had previously said he didn’t have a girlfriend,” Shugatiti disclosed.

During one weekend, her boyfriend called her using his friend’s number to apologize and inform her that he was sick, before turning off his phone.

Worried and desperate to reach him, she called his friend’s number that night, only to have Adwoa answer the call.

“As a concerned girlfriend, I called his number that night, but it was off. So, I called his friend’s line, and to my surprise, it was Adwoa who picked up,” Shugatiti added.

The ensuing conversation was a mix of shock, disbelief, and a rollercoaster of emotions as Shugatiti discovered that Adwoa was not his ex-girlfriend as she had been led to believe.

During their conversation, Adwoa revealed that she financially supported her boyfriend with 500 cedis each day, whereas he only gave Shugatiti 200 cedis daily. Adwoa also mentioned that whenever the guy gave her money, it would be in the range of 20 or 30 cedis.

“When I asked Adwoa if she was indeed Adwoa, she confirmed it. I then told her that the guy had told me about her and claimed she was his ex-girlfriend. She denied it,” Shugatiti shared.

Adwoa further explained that their relationship lacked physical intimacy, which ultimately led him to seek a connection with Shugatiti, who was willing to engage in daily sexual activities.



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