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S£X toy injuries on the rise among wealthy women – Medical practitioner

Dr Raymond Morbu, the CEO of Andel Premier Medical Centre, has revealed that an increasing number of wealthy women who engage in lesbian s£x are visiting hospitals due to unusual discharge from their private parts.

He attributes this to the use of s£x toys to satisfy their sexual desires.

Upon diagnosis, it is often discovered that foreign objects have been left in the vagina, he revealed.

This, he said, leads to an increased risk of HIV/AIDS infections due to cuts and abrasions.

According to Dr Morbu, this trend has emerged after LGBTQ+ activities came to wide public attention in Ghana.

He noted that foreign objects are sometimes found in the vaginas of women who practice lesbianism.

Dr Morbu made these revelations while discussing the rise in the practice of homosexuality and its impact on HIV/AIDS prevalence in Ghana during an interview on Accra 100.5 FM on Monday, July 10, 2023.

He also stated that the women who use sex toys and engage in lesbianism are wealthy individuals who influence young people to join the practice.

Dr Kyeremeh Atuahene, the Director General of the Ghana AIDS Commission, also shared concerns about homosexuality and its role in the spread of HIV.

He emphasised the need for a comprehensive approach to addressing the issue, stating that HIV prevalence among homosexuals is higher than other general diseases.

Dr Atuahene believes that if the anti-LGBTQ+ bill is passed, it will help in addressing the spread of HIV by reducing new infections.



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