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‘I nearly k!lled someone’ – Andy Dosty shares horrific high school experience amid Adisadel incident

In a revelation on his Daybreak Hitz show, acclaimed media personality Andy Dosty opened up about a harrowing incident from his high school days that he describes as his “worst nightmare.”

The incident involved an unprovoked and violent act towards a fellow student, Obeng Asare, which left him severely injured.

Recounting how it happened on the July 25, 2023, edition of the show on Hitz FM as the violent Adisadel College incident featured on the Headline segment of the morning show, Andy Dosty said he hit the forehead of Obeng Asare with a machete.

“I’m a culprit. I nearly killed someone,” he said on the show monitored by GhanaWeb. “I was this close to taking the life of a colleague. We were asked to weed. I had gone to weed. After weeding, my dormitory was upstairs so I had climbed and I saw one of our colleagues coming up.”

“He had also finished weeding and was going to take his shower. He had put the pail we use to scoop the water on his head, so, I used the machete and wanted to hit the pail off his head and the thing landed right on his forehead.”

Expressing regrets over his action, Andy Dosty indicated that he was terrified when he saw the victim bleed profusely.

“How stupid, how foolish I was; I don’t know what was going through my mind,” the disc jockey recalled. “As he landed on the ground, he hid his forehead in his palm, and he raised his head and it was like a tap that had been opened and blood was oozing like that. I was like ‘Jesus!’”

According to Andy Dosty, he was “punished severely for that”.

“This was my folly,” he added.

The incident was very severe to the extent that the victim underwent surgery. Andy recalled his recent encounter with the victim and said “You can’t see the mark because a surgery was performed.”

Andy Dosty’s narration is on the back of a violent incident at Adisadel College which has led to the outright dismissal of the student who attacked his colleague. The said student was captured in a viral tape violently assaulting a junior in a dormitory.

“When students go to school, they do a lot of wrongs, they make a lot of mistakes. I get worried when I hear stuff like this because as I said, I’m a culprit,” Andy noted.

In the said video, the senior holds the victim from behind and moves him in between beds before slamming his face on one of the bunk beds. The portion of the face that hit the bed immediately is swollen as other students look on.

The affected student has been suspended, the one who recorded the incident and other witnesses who failed to report it will be subjected to varying degrees of sanctions as well as the house master and his deputy.

The move comes after GES issued a statement ordering the suspension of the student and asking that the police be invited into the matter as it contained assault.



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