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I’ll rather sleep than accept GHS 2k for a show if… – Lawyer Nti fumes

For some entertainers, GHS 2,000 is a decent wage, but for Ghanaian comedian Richmond Amoako, known as Lawyer Nti, that amount is a slap in his face.

In an interview with Obidumbie Adu Kumi on Asempa 94.7FM’s Showbiz review, Lawyer Nti expressed his refusal to accept low payment for comedy shows, emphasizing that he takes his profession seriously and treats comedy as a business.

According to him, many comedians do not value their work, which affects their worth in the industry.

He shared that he would not accept offers like GHS 1,000 or GHS 2,000 for a show if his expenses, such as transportation and costumes, exceed the payment. Rather than accept such low fees, he would prefer not to perform and would rather stay home and rest.

“Errm… I am not sure I have gotten anything like that because I am one of those people who will not accept anything that will make me suffer. I would rather sleep than come to your show and take maybe 1,000 or 2,000 considering my transport and costumes cost more than that. I will not do it. I will rather sleep and know I didn’t eat for one week,” Lawyer Nti stated.

Lawyer Nti believes that comedians need to stand up for themselves and not let anyone take advantage of their talent.

When asked if he ever had any problems with clients regarding his fee, he mentioned that after naming his price, he doesn’t care whatever the client thinks or the opinion they hold of him.

The ‘Kejetia vs Makola lawyer’, believes in valuing himself and his work and doesn’t want to be taken for granted just because he is a comedian.

He praised fellow comedian Clemento Suarez for spearheading the campaign of comedians standing up for themselves and demanding fair treatment.

He mentioned that this change of mindset is necessary for comedians to be treated with respect and as serious professionals in the entertainment industry.



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