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Paul Adom Otchere criticizes Sarkodie’s response to Yvonne Nelson, calls for apology

Ghanaian media personality, Paul Adom-Otchere, has expressed his disapproval of Sarkodie’s response to Yvonne Nelson’s accusations, calling for an apology from the rapper.

During an episode of Good Evening Ghana, Paul Adom-Otchere stated that he found Sarkodie’s reaction to being inappropriate given the circumstances.

He believes that Sarkodie should apologize to both Yvonne Nelson and the general public for his remarks.

“In my opinion, Sarkodie owes Yvonne and the readers of her book an apology. While it is true that Yvonne may have revealed something she shouldn’t have, she is trying to play the victim and exploit the story.

“However, the story she shared is true, so Sarkodie should have apologized to the public and said, ‘I’m sorry, I was too young.’ We don’t want young boys to think it is acceptable to engage in unprotected sex, impregnate a woman, and agree to abort,” expressed Paul Adom Otchere.

Additionally, Paul Adom-Otchere refuted the claim that Sarkodie did not have a personal physician at the time of Yvonne’s abortion, emphasizing that Sarkodie was doing well as a musician in 2010.

“We cannot label Sarkodie as poor in 2010. He may not have been as successful as he is today, such as reaching the BET level, but he was not struggling either,” clarified Paul Adom-Otchere.

The controversy stems from Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson,’ in which she candidly shares her challenges and experiences while searching for self-identity as a young woman.

One of the revelations in the book includes Yvonne’s claim that Sarkodie impregnated her but refused to take responsibility, resulting in an abortion.

In response, Sarkodie released a diss track titled ‘Try Me,’ which contained derogatory and offensive remarks, including slut-shaming directed towards Yvonne Nelson.

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