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Maths and Science teacher stung by bees while teaching in the classroom

A Maths and Science teacher at Banu Junior High School in the Sissala West Municipality has been left with swollen lips after bees invaded his class.

According to the source, the teacher named Eric Tunti was in class teaching the final-year students who were preparing for their mock examinations.

The students in his class had to run to safety to escape the attack from the bees.

But it was too late for Sir Eric who escaped with a swollen upper lip.

Though the teacher and the school find the situation strange, they are yet to give an explanation of what happened.

Watch video below !!!

Some people who have also come across the picture are also of the firm belief that spirituality played a role in the incident others also made a joke out of it.

Check out some reactions below:

Abeam Berema: “That’s why I quit teaching ooo am now a teacher at university of Ghana ???”

Pinnacle Okay: “And the ? could only target his mouth ?”

Abi Solo: “This assertion about the northeners is becoming true”

Gala Madison Nanakwasi Jason: “No risk allowance, wo b3 hw3 na 2gh nti? . I don’t want to ? but I can’t soooooooooory bro”

McRichards Nana Marcieve: “The thing is sad but when you look at the picture closely you begin to laugh…God forgive me?”



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