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St!gma forcing LGβTQ people in Africa into short-term marriages – Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim, an award-winning actress, has delved into the debate around homosexuality.

The actress believes that the stigma attached to homosexuality is forcing many of them into marriages they have no interest in.

She stated that as a result of the shame, numerous men are compelled to marry against their will, and these marriages typically do not endure.

Juliet Ibrahim lamented that some had chosen to be bisexual and have sex with men other than their wives.

In a post she shared on her on social media pages the actress said “Because of the stigma behind being GAY in West Africa, many Gay guys are now being forced to marry innocent women to live a lie and cover up just to please family and society.

“Some of these men even become bisexual just to have kids with a straight woman yet they’ll still have bfs on the side known as my best buddy or best friend!!

“You’ll be seeing marriages ending after few months or within a year and everyone will keep mute about what exactly happened!

“Society is forcing gay people to live in denial and at the same time hurt and turn these women into monsters after such horrible heartbreaks of being misled and lied to by their husbands.

“These things are happening right under our nose in private and it’s going to get worse if we keep ignoring and acting like it doesn’t exist in Africa.

“The quicker we realize this and stop stigmatizing people the better for everyone to live in peace and harmony. #onelove.”



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