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Accra to London road expedition: A team of 13 Ghanaians embarks 10,000km road trip to the UK

A team of thirteen Ghanaians has set out on an epic journey from Ghana to the UK on a road expedition.

The journey is expected to cover a staggering 10,000 kilometers, their mission is to drive from Accra to London while enjoying the experience.

The adventurous team is estimated to arrive in London on Sunday, August 6, or Monday, August 7, 2023

Landing in Spain, the team in an interview on Accra-based Peace FM, shared their motivation for embarking on this extraordinary journey.

They explained that they were inspired by stories of people traveling from foreign countries to Ghana and other African nations and hence decided to attempt this adventure as a fun activity, alongside exploring other nations.

“We are explorers and we are doing this for fun. We read about people driving from Europe to Ghana all the time, and we also planned to do it and we are almost there,”

The team’s courageous and exciting expedition has captured the imagination of many, as they face the challenges and adventures of crossing borders and experiencing diverse cultures on their road to London.

Many await their arrival in the UK to celebrate with them their incredible feats and firing passion for adventure.

They are currently leaving Barcelona after a brief stop-over in the Spanish town.



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