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I’ll pay every child GHS 500 if I become president – Kofi Akpaloo

Presidential hopeful and candidate for the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Dr Percival Kofi Akpaloo, has made a bold promise that if elected as president in the next general election, every child in Ghana will receive a monthly salary of GHS 500.

During his campaign tour in the Volta region, Dr Akpaloo outlined his vision and plans for the country, emphasising the importance of providing financial support to Ghanaian children.

Dr Akpaloo highlighted that it is feasible to allocate a monthly salary of GHS 500 to every Ghanaian child below the age of 18, while those above 18 years who are not employed will receive 700 cedis.

He cited that his own children in the UK are benefiting from such support, and he aims to implement a similar system in Ghana.

The presidential hopeful believes that providing every child with a monthly salary will not only benefit families but also boost businesses and stimulate the economy. He envisions that parents will receive additional financial support from their children, leading to increased economic activity and more money circulating within the country.

In addition to the child support program, Mr Akpaloo also promised to create job opportunities for the youth by building factories in the Volta region. This initiative aims to address the issue of unemployment and empower young people with valuable skills and income-generating opportunities.

Furthermore, he expressed his commitment to supporting local farmers and promoting self-sufficiency by banning the importation of rice and frozen chicken. He pledged to provide financial assistance to empower local farmers to increase productivity and contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector.



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